What to Do After Moving Into a New Home

Very few feelings beat having the keys to a new home that is all yours. Once all the paperwork is worked out with landlords, banks, and other important players, you will feel tempted to just drop on the couch in the living room or the bed in your bedroom and relax. However, you need to be sure of certain things before you can completely unwind.

The list of tasks below require that you make sure different parts of the house or apartment work as they should, whether it’s the things that help you enjoy a nice meal or those that help you feel safe when you sleep at night. Here is everything you need to do after moving into a new home, whether you’re renting or buying.

Testing for problems

The last thing that you want to happen in your first week in a new home is having a leak in the bathroom and basement and have to pay a repairman to clean up everything. The second you step through the front door, you should check the light switches, faucets, and other utilities so that your electricity works and your water gets hot or cold when you need it to. Checking the roof to make sure it can handle heavy rain, snow, and debris can be done with services such as Everlast II.

You should have an extra copy of the rental application form you signed so that you can contact the landlord and other parties, especially if they claimed that everything was working. Even if the landlord or property manager is away on vacation, you should call to notify the proper party what the problem is so it can be fixed.

Change the locks

Another factor that you need to consider when having a new home is safety. There’s a chance that strangers, whether they’re former owners, staff members of the apartment complex or someone who previously managed to steal a copy, has keys that let them get into your home whenever they please, which could lead to a robbery or worse.

That’s why you need to call a locksmith have the locks changed so that these individuals have no chance of getting back into your place. Locksmiths can also fix problems like missing bolts so that people who don’t have a key are still unable to break in. If you have access to a garage in another building on the complex, then making your regular key the only one that can open it adds extra security.

Keep cabinets clean

You might be happy with the cabinets in the house, but be sure to clean them thoroughly. Whatever filth they’re carrying can get on your rug, floor or other areas.

If you’re bringing your cabinets with you, give them a good scrub-down so that they look good as new and keep the rest of the room clean. Non-toxic cleaners work best in this case, and the wipes you use may depend on whether the cabinets are made of wood, marble, steel or other material.

Get your pets comfortable

People who move into a new place with pets likely will have an easier time adjusting to their new living situation than their cats or dogs. Pets can get used to a house or apartment if they stick around long enough, so they may be a little worried about staying somewhere they’ve never been before. It’s your job to make the new environment as comfortable as possible for them.

This task can be made simple by bringing their favorite toys, blankets, beds, and other things that can keep them happy. Having treats on hand when you’re home can also keep them in a good mood if they start showing signs of distress. Having them stay in a room that’s away from roads, other houses and other sources of loud noise so they can relax and feel just as comfortable as you do.

Make sure the internet works

The internet is an important element as we go about our day, whether we’re working from home, trying to contact family and friends, or just watching our favorite shows and movies. If you want your internet to work right away, especially if you want to work on something as soon as possible, contact your Wi-Fi provider to clarify the password and other essential information.

Setting up your television to stream your favorite programs will make it easier for you have movie night on your first night in your new home. If you work at an office but are allowed to work from home at times, then checking on your internet right away will help you stay on track with your assignments.

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