10 Things I Love About the 2019 Chrysler Pacifica

I received this car for one week to review in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

A few years ago when the Chrysler Pacifica first came out, I got to try one out for a week. I was immediately hooked and luckily due for a new car so I got the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica for my family of five. Since it was the first model (it replaced the Town & Country minivan) I was curious to see how Chrysler would improve upon it since really I still love my minivan.

So here are 10 Things I Love About the 2019 Chrysler Pacifica:

Uconnect media with touchscreens. So on the back of the front headrests are built-in screens that are touchscreens (plus there is an included remote if you want) that passengers can not only watch movies on but also play games! Yes games either alone or against the other passenger! Perfect for when you are constantly on-the-go as they keep kids entertained and actually playing together.

Roomy. I felt like the driver row and the second row had decent leg space. I didn’t feel cramped at all and felt like the inside was open.

The third row can fold down quickly and easily for additional cargo space. This is great for when you don’t realize you need more room and you don’t want to take the seats out of the car!

Push Button Engine Start. This is becoming standard but it goes along with keyless entry and is a convenience thing.

The Pacifica is the only car I have seen this on but there is a knob in place of the gear shift. At first I thought it was weird but after driving my husband’s car with the regular shifter, I missed the knob! It saves space too since it doesn’t stick out.

Wireless headphones. Oh and to go with the Uconnect media system there are 2 wireless headphones you get. No wires to worry about! If you need more than 2 you can plug in additional headphones regularly or buy additional wireless headphones. The headphones and remote fit nicely in each of the pockets of the seats.

Plenty of outlets – USB, 12V (lighter adapter) and even a regular plug. There are even ports throughout the car so passengers can use their own.

Sporty design. I feel like the Chrysler Pacifica is outside of the regular boxy minivan style. It is sleek and stylish.

Navigation/Entertainment System. This navigation was super easy to use and I didn’t need a manual to figure out. I love how easy it was to input the addresses and search for places. You can even sync up your car with Google Maps or Waze through an app on your phone! I admit I got hooked on Android Auto by the end of the week and miss it!

Finally there is a hybrid version of the Chrysler Pacifica available which is not typical for a minivan. I got to try out the Hybrid edition and it was neat seeing how much gas and electric I was using. I would definitely recommend getting a Hybrid tutorial though at the dealership as I was kinda clueless on how to use it properly and therefore couldn’t justify if it was worth it or not. I did

Here is a video I made showing off the car:

Check out the Chrysler Pacifica 2019

Learn more about the Chrysler Pacifica 2019 here.

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