3 Top Trends to Decorate Your Dining Area

The dining room is a focal part of home since it is the one used for entertaining where you have your meals and entertain guests. The dining room is the room of the house where you celebrate all occasions such as holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and have get-togethers with friends and family.

The dining area is essential and will become the venue for many happy memories, hence the room should portray your choice in style and you as a person. Even if you don’t follow a specific theme, you can make sure that your room looks trendy by catching up on the latest trends. 

Incorporate the latest trendy furniture such as a dining table set and decorate around your furniture rather than following a pre-determined theme. For a stylish dining room, it is crucial to have the right combination of furniture and lighting.


The lights that you choose for your dining room can accentuate the style. Recently, the latest trend of lights has moved away from the grand chandelier pieces to more chic and casual lighting fixtures. One of the unique trends of the casual lighting fixture is to opt for matte lighting fixtures in non-conventional shapes. This trend very much is attributed to the eclectic or Bohemian style of furnishing which provides a modern look. It breaks the monotony of an otherwise symmetrical and almost formal room.

The trend extends to using lighting fixtures different in shape to give the area a more modern look.


Another trend that has recently become popular is to forgo traditional dining chairs and opt for benches. Many people also choose to furnish their dining areas with an eclectic mixture of benches and chairs. It doesn’t matter what kind of a table you use, but the exceptional setting of benches and chairs makes the vibe of a room more modern. For a mixture, you can place the benches on both sides of the table or even just one side and put chairs on the leftover space. This trend is perfect for someone who wants their dining area to look casual yet sophisticated.


Despite the popular tends of eclectic combinations, dining sets are still very much in demand. Complete dining sets can present an elegant look which cannot be replaced by any other trend. The traditional wooden dining sets are still in demand, and with soft-toned upholstery they still grace many formal dining rooms. Recently, a variety in dining sets has started to flood the furniture market out of which the marble dining sets stand out the most. Marble dining sets have a high-polished look that adds a pop of colour to a room while instantly making it look modern and elegant. For many who want a traditional and formal look but would rather avoid the conventional neutral tones, they can find a variety of different shades of marble dining tables and chairs on Furniture in Fashion.

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  1. This makes me realize that my dining room could probably use a refresh. Maybe I can start with updating the light fixtures.

  2. Dorothy Justine Reynolds says

    Great tips! My dining area really can use an update. It’s pretty much the catch all for the family’s clutter. Lol

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