Is Apple Tech the Way Forward?

The tech giants of the world are in some sort of constant battle to win the love of the world. You’ve got the likes of Samsung and Apple that have been going head to head since time began, and there’s still the big debate of which one is more popular. You’ve got the die hard Apple fans who assume that anything other than Apple is for the poor. And you’ve got the die hard Samsung fans, who think that the only thing that people who love Apple are interested in, is the brand, and not the tech behind it.

But is Apple the way forward at the minute? So many people are switching to the brand for so many different reasons. Some are just wanting to be part of the crowd, some are interested in where the brand is heading, and some are realising how complex Apple tech can actually be. So, if you’ve never really taken an interest in the brand before, but your time to do so is here, then here’s why we think the Apple brand is the way forward.

The Tech Just Keeps Keeping Better

The tech definitely does keep getting better around the world, and there’s no denying that Apple tech is one of the best that you can find. And with Apple, you realise that the tech only keeps getting better, and it feels like every month they’re bringing out something new to change the game. Take the recent airpods that have come out. They took the world by storm a few months back, and forced the other tech giants of the world to bring out their own equivalent. The Air Mac range is only getter better as well, with their processing speeds becoming one of the best for a laptop of its size. Apple is one of the companies who recognises customer demand, without them even knowing what their own demand is!

The Troubleshooting Is Quick

If there’s one thing that Apple has a bad reputation for, it’s their problems with tech. But this only really applies to their mobile phone range, laptops, tablets, and whatever else actually have a super good reputation. Plus, there are so many super good articles on the internet that should help you troubleshoot any problem quickly. One problem Macs have, is that they’re not compatible with some files, like other brands are. So take rar files for example. Notoriously hard to figure out how to open, but this open rar files on a Mac article, could solve all of that for you! Plus, Apple have a really good care team, and if you take on their Apple care plan, any real tech issues you have with their devices will be solved in no time!

It’s A Great Long Term Investment

They generally are great long term investments. Even the older Macs look super sleek and cool, so you never really feel like you’ve got something that’s outdated and needs replacing. The power of all of the devices, bar mobile phones, also holds its ground for years and years!

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  1. Laugh, nope, Crapple is junk, and if you like music and copying things to your phone, no need to have to use Itunes, that is kind of lame. Should be able to connect and copy n paste. They are slow with the times, look they even want you to buy fruity ear buds, thats lame, put the hole…Guess if you like being a sheep or need the iPoop app, then Apple is for you.

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