Monster Jam Triple Threat 2019

My 10-year-old is a huge monster truck fan and he looks forward to seeing the Monster Jam show every year. This year was another fun experience with new trucks.

First off I will say if you are going to your local Monster Jam show, arrive early! We arrived about 20 minutes early and waited in a line for 45 minutes to get in! It was opening night and crazy packed so we ended up missing the beginning of the show. The show too was a little different than I remember which was nice to see new experiences but bummed we missed old fun. For example, there was no crushing cars or old faves like Scooby Doo at our event but there seemed to be some more freestyle to watch which was exciting.

There was also some car tipping too which is sad for the trucks and drivers (no one got hurt) but exciting to see the CAT truck come out and lift them up.

So what did we see at our local Monster Jam Triple Threat Series?

We saw eight of the most intense athletes of Monster Jam battle for the championship with each competitor using various high powered vehicles: Monster Jam Speedsters, Monster Jam ATVs and of course the famous trucks. They compete in races and show off their trucks.

The trucks and drivers we got to see were:

  • Grave Digger®: Brandon Vinson
  • El Toro Loco®: Mark List
  • Zombie: Ami Houde
  • Pirate’s Curse: Justin Hicks
  • Monster Mutt® Rottweiler: Cory Snyder
  • Blue Thunder: Matt Cody 
  • Monster Energy: Coty Saucier
  • Soldier Fortune: Kayla Blood

Yes, each driver competes in various activities and one interesting fact I learned is that Monster Truck driving is one of the few sports that men and women compete together in. There is not a separate division for female drivers! Actually, our show featured two female drivers and they really kicked butt!

The highlight of our show was probably the freestyle where the trucks got time to do whatever they wanted!

You can watch more of my You Tube videos from Monster Jam at:

Monster Jam is a family-friendly show that I highly recommend. My family really does look forward to it and it is such an exciting show for all ages. I would recommend earplugs or headphones though as it is pretty loud there! Oh and it is always a little chilly because they keep the door open for the monster trucks to go in and out.

Find a Monster Jam show near you

Check out the Monster Jam website to see if there is a show near you!

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