Spring Fun With PlayMonster (& Giveaway Ends 4/26)

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Spring fun is something that my family looks forward to. After a crazy, cold winter here in Chicago, spring cannot come fast enough! Usually too after winter, we start purging old toys and look forward to new fun toys.

PlayMonster has quite the selection to put a smile on kid’s faces. I had no clue they had so many great products between the two of them!

My Fairy Garden Garden Fairies

PlayMonster’s Garden Fairies extend the playful nature of the My Fairy Garden® line of playsets.  Three different fairies and scents are available, Rosie, Jasmine and Sweet Pea. Each set includes a fairy, scented flower, butterfly and hair clip. The butterfly can be a toy, or can be attached to the hair clip and worn as a pretty accessory! Play with Garden Fairies on its own, or add it to My Fairy Garden play sets!

Ages 4+.

SRP: $7.99

Available at Amazon and specialty retailers


Vroom up vehicle play with PlayMonster’s Automoblox®, an award-winning line of high-quality collectible toy vehicles. Sporting a body made of European beech wood, Automoblox’s multiple interchangeable components, including tires and wheel, allow for creative mix-and-match. Available as singles and as three-packs, each Automoblox vehicle includes a unique VIN that can be used for online registration into the owner’s club, where fans can learn about news and cool events.

SRP: $9.99 (singles); $29.99 (Three-pack)

Ages 4+.

No batteries or tools required.

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and specialty retailers

Mad Moves

Have you ever performed ballet as a T-rex would, or maybe you’ve done the limbo like a baby? No? Well, now you just might! Get ready to dance like you‚ you’ve never danced before!‚Ñ¢ Roll the die to see HOW you‚Äôll be dancing (like a certain person, animal or action) and spin the spinner to see WHAT you’ll be dancing (ballet, limbo, tap, twist or dance battle). Combine the two and get groovin’ while everyone else tries to guess what you’re imitating! For 3 or more players. Requires 3 AAA batteries, not included.This game has you dancing like you’ve never danced before…such as performing ballet like a T-rex would, tap dance like a cheerleader, and more!

Draw cards and spin the spinner to find out how you’ll dance!

It’s not about being a good dancer…it’s about having fun!

Electronic spinner plays music!

For 3 or more players, ages 8 and up

Find Mad Moves at Walmart



A fun, suspenseful game, Orangutwang™ willl have kids jumping and laughing for more! To play the game, simply set the Toucan in position, gently place the orangutan on the string, and then roll the die to find out which play piece you get to hang on the orangutan. Be careful how you hang it…at some point it will be too much for the orangutan and he’ll leap and swing and go twaaaannng!

The player who makes the orangutan go flying and throw his fruit and friends technically loses the game, but do they really lose? It’s fun and hilarious to see him go twang, so really all the players are winners!

Ages 4+

2 to four players

No batteries required

Available at Amazon, Target March 10; Walmart April 14

SRP: $24.99

Free Wheelin’

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Free Wheelin’™ Rider Sport is a new European-designed sturdy, convertible push bike/balance bike that easily adjusts to grow with children. Why Free Wheelin?  Start off with three wheels, and easily switch to two when your child is ready! The height adjustment is great for when little ones have a growth spurt!

Built with safety and comfort in mind, Free Wheelin’ features a durable body, sturdy wheels with quiet and gripping tires, and comfortable and easy-to-turn handlebars. Incredibly light in weight, the balance bike also holds up to 80 lbs and is available in six bright colors.

Riding indoors or out, kids will have a blast!

Ages 1+.

Available at Amazon

SRP: $49.99

Aqua Diver™

Ready to race?  Aqua Diver is a bright, colorful squid that kids toss in the pool and then race to dive after and catch, all while being timed! The coolest feature of Aqua Diver is its water-activated timer…when it hits the water, the timer automatically starts! Kids press the button to stop the timer when they retrieve the squid from the depths of their pool!

Friends and family can take turns diving and catching Aqua Diver to see who can do it the fastest, or one swimmer can play over and over again to try to beat their best time!

Ages 5+

Available at Amazon, Speciality

SRP: $14.00

What would you must-have toy be?

WIN IT: (1) US winner will receive the game Mad Moves

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  1. I know my granddaughters would love the
    PlayMonster’s Garden Fairies extend the playful nature of the My Fairy Garden® line of playsets. They are into fairies 🧚‍♀️ lately. Very cute!

  2. My granddaughter would love this

  3. Debra Branigan says

    I would love Mad Moves.

  4. Donna L Holder says

    play monster forsure

  5. Eileen Boyce says

    I would love the My Fairy Garden Garden Fairies.

  6. I think the PlayMonster’s Automoblox® is pretty cool. The cars would make a nice gift.

  7. Vickie L Couturier says


  8. First we would like to have the Free Wheelin Rider Sport to use.

  9. Julie Lundstrom says

    I would play the Mad MOves game first.

  10. Annmarie Weeks says

    All of these items looks great. I know my nephews would especially love the Free Wheelin’™ Rider Sports!

  11. jennifer bowen says

    theres a lot of them i like one is Orangutwang

  12. My granddaughter would love the My Fairy Garden Garden Fairies

  13. I think my great nephew would like the Automoblox® cars! 🙂

  14. Lisa Williams says

    I would say the Zuru 5 Surprises Mini Brands would be fun and exciting for the kids and fun for me to watch them open those!

  15. Crystle Tellerday says

    5 surprise and 5 surprise mini brands

  16. I would like the Mad Moves game first.

  17. My Granddaughter loves opening up surprises so I’d say the Zuru 5 Surprise Mini Brands would be a hit!

  18. Abigail Gibson says

    My niece and nephew would love all of these selections. First pick would be Free Wheelin Rider Sport.

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