How to Make Your New York House a Home

Whether you’re moving to the Big Apple or have been a New York resident your entire life, New York state is a fantastic place to call home. A state with lush green mountains and one of the biggest and most loved cities in the United States, New York has it all. If you plan to lay roots in New York, there are a few things to think about when setting up or renovating your home. Here are a few things to consider when taking your New York home to the next level and making it the perfect retreat for you.

Home is where your pet is.

There’s an expression about home being where your heart is. If you’re like most pet owners, your heart is with your fur baby. For this reason, it’s important to consider ways to make your home comfortable for your furry friend. Whether you live in the heart of New York City or are working with a mortgage program for first time homebuyers for a place in western New York, think about ways to make your New York home comfortable for your pet.

If you’re a cat owner, for example, a quick online visit to could be a great way to help your feline friend settle in to your home. Made of cardboard not much different from those moving boxes you’ll need to shuffle things around or move in, these adorable cat homes will give your kitty a place to feel comfortable as you set up the rest of your home.

Consider all options for your lifestyle.

Perhaps you’ve been looking into mortgage options in New York and are currently looking at interest rates and loan amounts. Even if you’re not ready to move into your New York home, there are things you can do ahead of time to make your move or transition easier. Consider checking out all your options when it comes to New York living. That is, it could be a good idea to hold off on that VA loan or Federal Housing Administration program now while the real estate market’s booming to wait for a lower price tag on that first home.

Options might be longer term renting a local Airbnb to get to know an area or town before making that final decision on a home purchase and conventional mortgage. By taking a year to explore all options, you’ll put yourself in the position of feeling more confident about your final decision on a perfect home.

Pay tribute to your personal style.

If you’re already in your home, it’s important to make it feel like your own. White walls and no decorations won’t feel as welcoming to yourself and guests as putting your own take on it will. Consider using social media, blogs and vlogs to get ideas from places like Pinterest that pay tribute to your personal style. Remember that you don’t need to have a Big Apple or sleek, contemporary theme just because you’re living in New York.

Maybe you’re from Texas and are hoping to bring with you the look and feel of your hometown. Creating a southern rancher-style living room in a New York City loft could be a great way to balance your past, present and future. That is, it’s your home, and you want it to feel comfortable to you and show off who you are.

Throw a house-warming party.

One of the best ways to settling into a new or renovated home is to show it off to friends and family. After taking some time to make your house feel more like home, think about inviting your favorite people over for a house-warming party. In the end, by considering all your options, honoring your personal style, and making your pet feel comfortable, you’re bound to have a place you’ll not only feel comfortable in but will want to invite visitors to. Happy home buying, renting, or renovating your brand new home in New York State!

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