Where You Should Travel for Your Next Vacation

With coronavirus restrictions lifting in many parts of the world, many people are ready to plan their next much needed vacation. There are so many incredible destinations around the world, many of which are perfect vacation spots.

Here is a list of a few of the best places to travel for your next vacation:

1. Rome

If you choose Italy’s capital city, Rome, for your next vacation, you will be able to see many world famous attractions. Rome, also known as the Eternal City, is home to the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain. You can also visit Vatican City where you will find the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica. In addition to these incredible sites, a trip to Rome means trying the delicious local specialties of pizza and gelato.

2. Florence

Another destination in Italy that is perfect for a vacation is Florence. It is especially appealing for art loving vacationers because of museums like the Uffizi Gallery and the Galleria dell’Accademia and the city’s Renaissance art and architecture. Along with seeing the beautiful fountains and views Florence has to offer, you can also try amazing Tuscan food and wine. Another amazing way to experience Florence is to take a Mediterranean cruise, where you are able see Florence, Rome and other beautiful destinations in Italy all in one vacation.

3. Santorini

A vacation to the Greek island of Santorini would include watching incredible sunsets, visiting beautiful beaches with black and red sand and visiting the infamous picturesque villages of Oia and Fira. You also can’t miss getting a view of the caldera, a volcanic depression that now has a pool of stunning turquoise colored water. You can also enjoy winery tours and a visit to archaeological sites like Ancient Akrotiri and Ancient Thera to see ruins of empires.

4. Paris

Paris, known as the City of Light, is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. Must see sights include the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre and the Palace of Versailles. A walk along the peaceful Seine River and visits to the many charming cafes and shops make a trip to Paris an unforgettable one.

5. Maui

While Maui is not as busy as the popular Oahu, it is an incredible Hawaiian island that is a perfect vacation spot. You can go snorkeling, zip lining or just relax on the beautiful tropical beaches. By attending a luau, you can experience the local culture, including hula dancing and eating mahimahi, poke and poi, which are all Hawaiian specialties. You can also visit Haleakala National Park to see the world’s largest dormant volcano.   

6. Tokyo

Japan’s capital, Tokyo, is a city known for its busy, energetic atmosphere. A trip to Tokyo will include eating delicious local cuisine like ramen and sushi. There are also many designer shops and historic temples and shrines to visit.

7. Sydney

One of Australia’s largest cities, Sydney is home to famous attractions like the Sydney Opera House. It also has world famous beaches like Bondi, Coogee and Manly that are perfect for surfing and relaxing. You can also visit the Australian Museum and explore many restaurants, bars and other attractions.

8. Bali

The Indonesian island of Bali is most well-known for its gorgeous beaches and tranquil temples. Also, Ubud Money Forest, a holy site that is the natural habitat for Balinese long-tailed macaques, is a popular place to visit in Bali. In addition to relaxing at one of the many beaches, visiting a temple in the jungle and seeing many waterfalls and gardens, there are also many delicious Indonesian foods to try in Bali, including Gado Gado, Babi Guling and Mie Goreng.

There are so many fascinating places to visit around the world where you can experience different cultures, foods, scenery and sights. This list includes just a few of the best destinations to choose from for your next vacation.

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  1. Heather H says:

    I’ve only been to 3 of these destinations. Next one has to be Sydney!

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