Easy Plate Game for Kids & School Holiday Parties

I saw this game somewhere on the Internet and thought it would be perfect for my son’s first grade Christmas party at school.  I was in charge of coming up with an easy game for 6-7 year olds that was a quiet game.  This game can be adapted for any occasion whether it be a […]

Watch & Display Your Child Grow With Growth Chart Art

I received the product below to review in exchange for sharing my honest opinion. When my husband and I bought our first house, there was things that I envisioned for it. I wanted pictures and pieces of art on the walls, shelves hung in various rooms and specific light fixtures. Another thing I wanted was a spot to […]

The Good Dinosaur Advent Calendar #GoodDino

With Disney/Pixar’s THE GOOD DINOSAUR (now playing in theatres everywhere!) below is a printable Advent Calendar so Arlo can share in the holiday spirit this month! Click the picture to print out the front and back:

Science for 3 Year Olds? Absolutely! #AdventureAhead #BackToSchool

This post brought to you by KinderCare. Can 3 year olds really begin to understand scientific concepts like states of matter, force, and motion? “Absolutely,” says Meg Davis, manager of curriculum development for Knowledge Universe. “Children are young scientists. They learn about the world around them through their senses.” This natural curiosity is the basis […]

DIY Nature Place Mats #AdventureAhead #BackToSchool

This post brought to you by KinderCare. Meals are even more fun when you eat on place mats created by your kids.  Making them at home is a super easy project that takes less than an hour to complete! Whether you’re planning for a big dinner party or simply thinking of your many family meals […]

Cloud Crafts #AdventureAhead #BackToSchool

This post brought to you by KinderCare. There are so many everyday objects around the house that can be turned into arts and crafts projects – all it takes is some imagination. For this activi, y we’re turning common white stuff around the house – like cotton balls, Q-TIPS®, glue, and more – into art supplies […]

Foam Art #AdventureAhead #BackToSchool

This post brought to you by KinderCare. Foam Art Coloring on a two-dimensional surface is a staple activity for kids – but creating 3-D art with foam?  Welcome a whole new world of exciting possibilities!  Say hello to fluffy, puffy, make-it-yourself paint. Making a batch of foam paint is a breeze.  Create a few colors […]

Make Your Own Easy Chip Clip!

You know those pants hangers that are usually useless?  Well if you just break off the end clips you have yourself some easy and cheap chip clips!  They work awesome and honestly I reach for them over the ones I paid for!

How to Make Your Own Kid Dirt/Sand Scooper

My kids love love love digging in the dirt and sand.  Every year I buy them plastic shovels, scoops and other little toys, but they always loose them, break them or fight over them.  This year I realized with just cutting off part of a gallon milk jug my kids could have as many plastic […]