Personalized Products at Frecklebox!

As a kid, I remember I loved anything with my name on it, which was especially hard to hard since my name is so different (Cherise). I had earrings, nameplates, and stickers, but my favorite was a book. It was a book where there was a mermaid named “Cherise” who had wonderful ocean adventures. Not […]

ZoomPoints- Easy surveys and great rewards!

Zoompoints is an awesome way to earn easy points and they have some great rewards. I cashed out 3500 points in December for a Sony charger with 4 rechargeable batteries. I still have 1,410 points left! You get 5 points basically for trying to qualify for a survey and if you qualify you get usually […]

Miles of Marketing (M.O.M.) is looking for Moms!

I have to share with all of you this awesome company I have found, Miles of Marketing. It is truly unique and pays you for basically doing stuff you already do. Do you drive your car around? Check! Do you talk to other moms about new products? Check! Do you love to try new products? […]

Are you Ready to Rumble!!??

Whenever I have time (yeah right!) I love to sit down and play my Wii. Yes it is mine and I actually play it 10x more than my husband, although he is really getting into Wii Fit and all the sports games. Now I am not big into the sports games but since I started […]

Valentines Day Dinner Ideas

So EverSave is offering some great recipe ideas on their website. You will be prompted to either sign up for offers or skip them. I skipped all of them until the last one and then just clicked no to the boxes. I did not have to sign up for anything or register which was nice. […]

Great Mom Site: CityMommy!

With all the social networks out there it can be very hard to pick one or maybe you can handle a bunch! Well CityMommy is definitely one to check out! What is so special about CityMommy? Well it is an exclusive website for moms that is relevant to your particular city. For example, I live […]

SmileBox- Cool Digital Scrapbooking!

Smilebox basic is a free service where you can insert your own pictures and music into a scrapbook page and then email or add it to your blog for free. If you have a Myspace or Facebook account you can also add it there for free. With the basic membership there are adds that will […]

Play games at Mega Brand Kids Zone

Mega Brand toys has just come out with a great website for kids to play games on called MEGA Brands Kids Zone. Some of the games included are NeoShifters, Magnext, Struxx, Legends of King Arthur, Plasmaverse, Dragons, Pyrates and more. As you can probably tell from the names, these games are geared more towards males […]

Tips from Women & Co.

I was asked if I would like to share these tips from Women & Co., a financial resource from Citi. Every month they write these tips and I will pass them on as I come across them! So since I figure it couldn’t hurt and you might learn something, here is the tip sheet from […]

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