Winners – July 2015

First, Thank you so much for everyone that entered and I wish I could have everyone be a winner!

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$50 Toys“R”Us gift card & Duracell Batteries Winner:

Congrats to: Dandi Daffyhill

The Magic School Bus™ Growing Crazy Crystals Winner:

Congrats to: Francine Anchondo

Complete Percy Jackson and the Olympians box set Winner:

Congrats to:  Holly Thomas

DVD “Underdog Kids” Winner:

Congrats to: Debbi Wellenstein

Logitech Hardworking Professional toolbox Winner:

Congrats to: Sharon Nelson

Fujifilm XP70 16 MP Digital Camera (blue) Winner:

Congrats to: Angela Cash

$25 Macy’s GC (3 Winners):

Congrats to: HilLesha O’Nan, Barbara Montag, Renee Bruno

10 Book Mini-Collection Winner:

Congrats to: Dana Rodriguez

Free Pie Card from Bakers Square Winner:

Congrats to: Westin Alina Hahn

DVD “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: NYC Showdown” Winner:

Congrats to: Jane Hoh

Parragon Book of your choice: “Busy Busy Things That Go with 2000 Stickers” or “The Nose that Knows” Winner:

Congrats to: E Michelle Bakle

DVD “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Search for Splinter” Winner:

Congrats to: Janet Lee

DVD “SpongeBob SquarePants Triple Feature” Winner:

Congrats to: Lana Simanovicki

DVD “Dora the Explorer: Whirl & Twirl Collection” Winner:

Congrats to: Bernie Wallace

DVD “Team Umizoomi: Umi Space Heroes” Winner:

Congrats to: Sara Blose

DVD “Dora The Explorer: Dora’s Explorer Girls” Winner:

Congrats to: Xty-Serafico Cruz

DVD “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Pulverizer Power” Winner:

Congrats to: Brittany Steuart

3 Fibre-Craft Kits for kids Winner:

Congrats: Nicole Newby

DVD “Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves Fairytale Land” Winner:

Congrats to: Charlene Underhill

DVD “Max & Ruby: Sharing & Caring” Winner:

Congrats to: Bernie Wallace

$25 Fandango GC, Minion & General Mills Products Winner:

Congrats to: finn

Geosafari Jr. Sneak & Peek Periscope Winner:

Congrats to: LaTanya Thornhill

DVD “Bubble Guppies: The Puppy & The Ring” Winner:

Congrats to: Patricia R Hess

Board Game Crowded Waters Winner:

Congrats to: Carl Todasco

$50 Costco GC & Fisher NUT EXACTLY snack bites Winner:

Congrats to: Ken Ohl

DVD “Pound Puppies: Pick Of The Litter” Winner:

Congrats to: Darlene Sullins

Capri Sun Summer Activity Pack Winner:

Congrats to: Steph

Blu-ray+DVD “Scooby-Doo! and KISS: Rock and Roll Mystery” Winner:

Congrats to: Lana Simanovicki

K-FORCE Build and Blast: K-10X Building Set Winner:

Congrats to: Charlene Underhill

$25 Visa GC & Paper Towns Movie Prize Pack Winner:

Congrats to: Amanda Sakovitz

4 Family-Friendly DVDs Winner:

Congrats to: Lesley F.

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